Why Are We Here?

Our mission is to help athletes of every age fully develop the natural athletic ability they were born with, so that they:

1) Have more fun competing in their sport(s) of choice,

2) Excel as individuals in practice and in competition, and

3) Contribute to team success to the fullest of their ability.

Sport Speed Training Programs

Large Group (7+ athletes)

Our most popular program, large group training helps balance your desired training frequency with your budget.

Example: Off-Season Speed & Strength

Cost – $99-$198/monthly session

Individual Attention – Depends on class size

Intensity – Geared to training age, physical and emotional maturity

Small Group (2-6 athletes)

Have a big family, small team, or a core group of friends who want to carpool and train together?  Consider this group size if your athlete(s) would learn best in an environment with plenty of individualized feedback.

Cost – $75.00-$35.00 per session, depending on number of athletes in the group

Individual Attention – High

Intensity – Varies by session theme and group goal(s)

Individual (1 athlete, 1 coach)

When an initial athlete evaluation, individualized program design, and very focused feedback and coaching are a best fit for your athlete, this is your best choice.

Evaluation Cost – $100 (~80 minutes)

Session Cost – $85-$125 per session

Individual Attention – Highest

Intensity – Dependent upon age, initial training state and goals

Team Training (12-100 athletes)

The choice for most school off-season and pre-season programs, Team Training makes Sport Speed results inexpensive and accessible for every family.  Contact us for more information.

Example: Austin High School boys’ lacrosse

Cost – $10-$20 per athlete, per session

Individual Attention – Dependent on number of athletes, and the supporting cast of team coaches and Sport Speed interns

Intensity – Determined by Sport Speed and team coach or parent.  Generally high.